Why we use pro-riders as our guides for our bike tours

All the cycling tours in Portugal that we organise are guided and supported – our experience tells us that having a really great cycling guide riding along with the group can make the difference between a good tour and a truly memorable one. Making sure that everything runs smoothly and that riders get all the logistical support they need is only half of the battle though – we only use pro riders (either recently retired or still active in the Portuguese or European cycling pro peloton), which can give our clients a fascinating insight into the habits and stories of a professional rider.

Our cycling tour business was always built on pro riders (starting with our founder, Fernando Carvalho, the leading Portuguese riders from the late 80s/early 90s) and we have always found that our clients really enjoy the chance to ride and spend some time with pro riders, not least to chat about what life is really like on the pro circuit, but also to offer advice and tips on how to become a better rider.

Our philosophy has always been that we should try and make the difference from other bike tour companies by doing a load of small things a little bit better, be it cleaning and prepping our clients bikes at night, making sure that they get the kind of food they want, finding a special place to stop for coffee or whatever it may be. Having a pro rider to ride with the group is just one extra bonus that we can offer!

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