Booking a Tour

You should book a cycling tour by email, confirming the dates you require and the total number in the group. Once your registration and deposit has been received your tour booking will then be confirmed via email, when a deposit payment will be requested.


We require a deposit payment for all cycling tours of 40% of the total value of the tour. Payment of the deposit can be made via direct bank transfer or Paypal.

Final Payment

An invoice for the final payment will be sent to you for payment no later than 90 days prior to the tour start date. The final payment should be made by direct bank transfer: the bank account details are provided on the invoice.

If your booking is less than 90 days prior to the tour commencing, then final payment will be due once your registration is confirmed.

Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance is compulsory for all guests traveling. Your travel insurance must include cover for loss of luggage and personal belongings, tour cancellation, medical, personal accident and liability cover. A copy of your insurance certificate is to be provided to Carvalho Bike Tours at the time of your final payment, or at 90-days prior to the tour start date.

Travel Documentation Requirements

A valid passport is required to gain entry to countries outside your country of residence. Each registered person is responsible for ensuring that their passport has appropriate validity for the period and time of travel. Each registered person is responsible for any Visa documentation requirements for entry into the countries where the tour will travel.

Cancellation Policy

If for any unfortunate circumstance you need to cancel your tour, please notify us as soon as possible via email. The following cancellation fees apply.

  • Cancellation more than 90 days prior to the tour start date, the cancellation fee is the full deposit.
  • Cancellation 61-90 days prior to the tour start date, the cancellation fee is 30% of the tour cost.
  • Cancellation 31-60 days prior to the tour start date, the cancellation fee is 50% of the tour cost.
  • There are no refunds for cancellations less than 30 days from the start date of the tour.
  • There are also no partial refunds for starting a tour late or departing early; or for inclement weather; or other circumstances beyond our control such as a personal or medical emergency, or travel related issues.

Travel insurance should be taken out at the time of booking to account for any unforeseen circumstances.

Currency or Cost Changes

Tour prices are based on costs and the exchange rates at the time of publishing the tour prices, therefore the prices may be subject to change as a result of fluctuations in the exchange rates and may be changed without notice.


By registering for a tour or event, you agree that you accept all terms and conditions herein and that this is a directive for Carvalho Bike Tours to perform services on your behalf. All persons named in the booking are subject to this agreement, which implies acceptance of all terms by all persons named, and that as the facilitator you have made all persons aware of these terms. Carvalho Bike Tours is not liable for personal injury, death, damage to property or other loss whether arising from accident, cancellations, delays or any other situation that may occur. Carvalho Bike Tours clients should insure against any and all such possibilities.

It is assumed that all customers are competent handlers of a multi-range gearing bicycle; assume the risks associated with the activity that they have booked; and are physically capable of taking on the activity that they have registered for.

Carvalho Bike Tours will always intend to follow the itinerary as planned, however the itinerary can be subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise, and/or, which could include actions by third-party providers, or cancellation or change of cycling or other events that the tour party had planned to visit. In such circumstances, the tour will continue as planned and does not allow the customer to cancel any part of the tour.

Carvalho Bike Tours reserves the right to alter or cancel a tour or event as publicised for any reason which is not limited to low registration numbers that do not mean the minimum tour requirement, logistics issues (for example, accommodation issues); or other events outside our control.
Upon any such changes, Carvalho Bike Tours will inform all registered persons as soon as possible.

Carvalho Bike Tours will not be liable if any additional expenses are incurred through, delays, accident, disruptions of planned itineraries; or any events beyond our control, for example, strikes, extreme weather conditions, transport problems, or any other similar events beyond our control. Any expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.

Health & Safety

An approved bicycle helmet must be worn while cycling. Helmet use is essential to participate in any cycling activity. It is a condition and requirement of taking part in a tour, that you ride in a safe and sensible manner and ride within your capabilities. We recommend that you visit a medical practitioner to ascertain your health and fitness for engaging in the tour activity.

Choose the right cycling tour for you!

Our standard cycling training tours are 7, 10 and 14 nights, but we can offer different durations, depending on your particular requirements.