Supported cycling tours

We run all our cycling tours in Portugal with support, which means a van accompanying the group and a cyclist riding with the group. In the van we always have a qualified mechanic, a spare bike, spare wheels and other spare parts; we also supply water, energy drink and fruit. Of course in the van you can stow your wet weather gear (in the unlikely event of it raining!) and your own energy bars or other food if required. The van is also a last resort option if one of your group gets injured or is just too tired to turn the pedals over one more time. Our mechanic also plays another important role, which is to service the bikes and prep them for the next days ride whether the bikes be rented or your own.

Our cycling guide also plays an important role to make your cycling trip truly memorable – our guides are all ex or current pros from the Portuguese or European professional peloton. Riding with a guide who has dedicated their life to professional bike racing can make your ride more interesting and they will also have some fascinating insights into the pro peloton that they will be able to share. Furthermore your cycling guide and mechanic will be able to help out with the day-to-day things that you will require to make the trip run smoothly, like getting the right kind of coffee when you stop for a break or meeting up with other local riders to join your group for a half day or whatever.

Our aim is to provide a first class professional service but in an extremely relaxed atmosphere and having the right mechanic and guide to accompany the trip is the magic ingredient that can turn a great cycling tour in to a truly unforgettable experience.

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