Portugal – a fantastic place to ride a bike

For anyone who is lucky enough to have discovered the sport of cycling, the next challenge is to find great places to ride your bike; Europe has so many fantastic choices on offer and there is already an enormous choice of bike tour operators catering to every taste and ability. Portugal however remains relatively undiscovered, which is amazing once you see just what a perfect destination it is.

The coastal strip of Portugal is relatively densely populated and although it is often very attractive, the volume of traffic means that you really need to head to the interior to find cycling nirvana. There is very little going on in the Portuguese interior – very little industry or large cities, just the occasional town or village. But there are plenty of mountains, breathtaking scenery, first class surfacing on the roads and just sufficient sprinkling of 3 and 4 star hotels that you can ride between them! The final great thing for Portugal as a European cycling tour destination is that costs are significantly lower than countries such as Italy, Spain or France, so it means that we can offer outstanding accommodation and food as well as professional guides and mechanics for extremely reasonable prices that other countries just cannot match.

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