The north to south bike tour, Portugal

Within the Portuguese cycling community there is one ride that everyone wants to do at least once, which is from Chaves on the northern border, to Faro in the Algarve on the southern border. As luck would have it, there is one road (the N2) which runs all the way there and it appears to have been made for cycling. For the entire length of the N2 there is now a motorway which runs more or less parallel with it, which means that pretty much all of the heavy traffic is taken off the order. Furthermore, the N2 does not run along the busy coastal strip of Portugal, rather it runs through the interior where population density is just a fraction of what it is on the coast.

As well as being a great road to ride in terms of scenery and varied terrain, riding the N2 is a great way to see a side of Portugal that most tourists will never see, such as the tiny villages you will pass through on the way and the traditional rural lifestyles. There is also the sense of fulfilment that you will get from cycling the entire length of a country.

Our standard north to south of Portugal cycling tour for the 720k distance is 6 days of cycling, which gives an average of 120k a day. The terrain is rather varied with some more challenging days in the north and centre of the country giving way to more rolling and flat days in the south. If you decide to do the tour in July or August, you should be aware that midday temperatures in southern Portugal can be in the high 30s (ºc that is!), so generally we would look to start the day early or have an extended lunch stop.

We can accommodate your group in terms of you either flying into Porto and out of Faro, or doing it all from one airport and getting a transfer between them (it is a 6 hour drive). If you are looking to do a variation on our standard route, with either fewer or more days, or with a day off in the middle for example, please contact us for more information.

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