Accommodation for our bike tours in northern Portugal

Once you leave the coast of northern Portugal, the interior is blessed with a large amount of empty spaces – this makes it perfect for cycling, because the roads are largely car free and the scenery is absolutely stunning, unspoilt by urban sprawl and intensive agriculture. Because there is not that much going on, finding first class accommodation can be a problem and making sure that the hotels we use for our bike tours in northern Portugal are great places to stay is one of our top priorities. We also need to make sure that hotels are at most 120 kms apart, so that our clients can ride between them (whilst we take the bags of course).

We have managed to find a network of hotels that we use that come up to scratch – 4 star, comfortable beds, fantastic breakfast, attractive location and friendly staff are our most important criteria (and all this at a reasonable price!). Our philosophy is that cycling a bike in the mountains of Portugal is tough enough as it is, so our job is to make sure that everything else is as comfortable and pleasurable as possible! Portugal is one of the only countries in Europe where it is possible to find the sweet spot for challenging cycling tours – sunny weather, empty roads, tough mountain challenges, great food and wonderful accommodation all at reasonable prices that you will not find in Italy, France or Spain for example.

So if you are thinking of planning a supported bike tour in Portugal, please contact us about our ready made routes or for us to make a custom route for your requirements.

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